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Lakewood Rexall Pharmacy

At the Rexall family of pharmacies, we do more than dispense medicine. Filling your prescriptions is just the beginning. We also dispense friendly, professional advice and services. We know that your medication will only work if you take it properly, so we have designed a number of ways to help make sure you do just that.

Prescriptions, plus professional services - Rexall is ready to help manage your medication needs

So don't just pick up your prescription medication. Here are some of the great services we offer to help you manage your health and medication needs:

  • We can package all your medications for easy dosing and remembering.
    Blister Pack

  • We can check to make sure your medications are safe for you and compatible with each other. 
    Rexall Meds Check

  • We can make medicine taste better, so it’s easier to swallow.

Hover over the calendars to find out the hours of operations for each week day.

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